100 Trees

Help us bring back native woodland to the North East by pledging to plant one hundred trees!

Here’s how it works: 

  • Sign up using the form below
  • We invite you to tree planting events (these take place during the planting seasons which run between November and April every year, and most people plant twenty trees per event). At your first event we’ll give you a physical acknowledgement of your pledge as a reminder. 
  • The trees you plant are recorded. Once you’ve reached your goal of one hundred trees, we give you a big thank you, a certificate, and you join the growing list of individuals helping to bring back native woodland to the North East.

There is no rush to complete your pledge – you can do it over whatever timescale you like. Do something good for yourself and future generations and sign up now. 

We’d like to acknowledge Pia Castleton for coming up with the 100 Trees idea. Thanks Pia!