Woodland Works

It is easier to maintain a woodland than start one. We run various days where you can get involved in helping to restore or manage local woodlands and learn practical skills. 

It takes many years for a collection of trees to become a woodland full of diversity. Whilst we are keen to plant new woodlands we realise there is an amazing opportunity to look after woodlands in our region that already exist.

Over the years, many of our woods have fallen into disrepair, partly through the reduction in the number of forestry staff employed on estates. These woodlands still have huge potential to be productive as well as providing exceptional biodiversity.

We are developing a range of volunteer days on a growing number of sites where we can undertake woodland management tasks including thinning, coppicing, planting and other work.

As well as the woodland benefiting, our volunteers are given the opportunity to learn new practical skills and the principles of woodland management.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then please register your interest on our Volunteering page.