InWoods is a constellation of inspiring workshops taking place throughout woodlands in Northern England. The goal is to facilitate experiences of awe and connection, to enliven the imagination and deepen knowledge of nature.

Sometimes this happens in simple, down to earth ways, such as listening to the birds and getting to know the local trees, and sometimes the workshops go deep, bringing together arts, science, creativity, and embodied learning.

We would like this project to be a contribution to an alternative learning culture already present in movements such as Permaculture and Forest Schools, in places such as Schumacher College, and in works of inspired theory such as The Matter With Things.

This is about resilience through awe, building a bridge between science and spirit, and doing it in a way that’s fun, enlivening, and accessible to different kinds of people.

I think something more is needed than the idea of sustainability. It’s got to be something much more profound that touches the heart, and it touches the heart if you realise that our job on the Earth is to love it, to fall in love with it, and you only fall in love with it if you are aesthetically alive to it.” – James Hillman

Spring & Summer Events

Sitting With Trees

A retreat of meditation and story of the more than human world, with Malcolm Green and Akuppa.

8th-10th April 2022, Burnlaw, Northumberland.

This retreat will explore the porous boundary between us
humans and the world we inhabit, through meditation, creativity
and story. All within the spring-charged landscape surrounding Burnlaw in the North Pennines.

Cost (including food but without
accommodation), is on a sliding scale of £75 to £150.

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Friday 22th April (Earthday!) 10-1pm, Chopwell Woods

A relaxing sensory walk lead by experienced Nature Guide, Phil Macari. Consider this a mini-holiday for the heart, head and senses.

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Celtic Wheel of the Year

Sunday 24th April, 10-5pm, Chopwell Woods

Explore the wisdom and wonder of the Celtic deities as they find expression through our home planet’s seasonal rhythms.

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Coming Soon

Forest Bathing

Learn how to relax in woodland as you never have before with the gentle art of forest bathing.

Facilitator: Phil Macari

This is for letting go of stresses and time pressures through gentle immersion in nature. Give yourself a mini holiday.

Although undertaken within a group a group it is a journey for yourself, and you will be guided by and experienced leader all the way through. 

More info coming soon.

Spring Forage and Making Workshop

Forage for edible and medicinal plants and learn to craft healing balm and use delicious wild greens, with Permaculturalist / Forager / Chef, Pia Castleton.

Explore the landscape and meet plants which are edible and medicinal, learn some of their stories, history and modern day use.

More info coming soon.

Others include:

Poetry Workshop

Embodied Ecology

Woodland Yoga

Music and Meteor Showers

Mushroom Foraging

Knowing the Birds: Identification by Sight and Song

Deep Time Walks

Tree Walks

and more…

If you have an idea for a workshop you think would enrich this, then please send a brief summary to