Whitehills Community Woodland

Welcome to the Whitehills Community Woodland Creation Project

Thank you for your interest and involvement in this exciting project to create new woodland at Whitehills in Gateshead.

Living Woods North East is co-ordinating the establishment phase of this project on behalf of Gateshead Council, and we wanted to let you know about two new opportunities to get involved in planting trees

Last week we had over 50 volunteers on the site, planting a wide range of native trees, to create the new woodland. It was a great couple of days, with over 1500 trees planted, and hot soup provided at lunch time (thanks to Whitehills Centre for that)

So on Friday 25 March and Saturday 26 March, we will be doing it all again, and we would really value you getting involved.

To participate please express you need to register by emailing Jen at volunteering@livingwoodsnortheast.org.uk

The day starts at 10 am– with soup in the middle of the day.

If you are interested in attending, please email back with number of people you want to bring (anyone under 18 remains the responsibility of their parent and guardian).

We do need people to register so we can manage numbers efficiently, and also for the orders for soup (which will be vegetarian)

Once we have collated the replies, we will email you back with details and directions

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hopefully seeing you at one the two events (or both!)




2000 of leaflets have gone home with primary school children around Whitehills on Friday 4th March.

Our World Needs More Trees
• Trees are cleaning the air we breathe
• Trees provide home and food for birds and animals
• Timber from trees is used to build our houses
• Forests and woodlands help us to tackle climate change
So Let’s Plant Trees!
The really exciting news is that this March we are going to
be planting lots of trees (about 14,000!) near you and
your family on land at Whitehills. This is a really big job,
and we would love for you and your family and friends to
come along and join in – it’s going to be great fun and
very rewarding.

Further Information

The North East Community Forest is aiming to plant up to six thousand hectares of trees to increase canopy cover in the North East to 30% by 2050. ( https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/northeastcommunityforest )

There are six local authorities involved in the project including Gateshead Council. Living Woods North East will be helping this to happen.

Key Info…


Over 6 hectares (Ha) of new mixed broadleaf woodland to be planted – including layers of woodland edge, blossom and berry and high canopy.


Part of the new North East Community Forest, being created by six local authorities, providing more woodland cover in the North East. We want to increase biodiversity and provide interesting areas for people to enjoy spending time in.


We have designed the new community woodland to be planted in the Whitehills area of Gateshead, on what is a reclaimed coal mining site. It will tie in to existing areas of woodland on the site. The woodland planting is divided into compartments with wide rides and woodland edges separating them. It has been designed that there will be low edges of blossoming and fruiting trees where the woodland is closest to residential areas.


This Winter/Spring there will be initial planting, then weeding throughout the growing season, followed by replacing lost trees each planting season for three years, and weeding for five years.


We are ordering in about 15,000 young saplings, of a range of native British species, including Oak, Rowan, Hazel, Scots Pine, Silver Birch, Chestnut, etc. The areas for planting will be heavily mown first and then the saplings planted into the ground. We are avoiding using tree tubes as we seek to reduce the use of plastics, and the trees will be hand-weeded for the next few years, to help to reduce the use of chemicals.


Living Woods North East CIC (Community Interest Company) is overseeing all the design, preparation, community engagement, planting and maintenance on behalf of Gateshead Council.

We have a forestry sub-contractor who will do a significant amount of the planting, but we want YOU to be involved. As a Community Forest, the whole project is about getting local people involved in the short and longer term.

Whitehills Woodland Creation Planting

Below is a more detailed map showing the different areas of woodland planting. These are identified in three styles:

* Woodland Edge

* Blossom and Fruit Edge

* High Wood (high wood is a mixture of all layers)

There are also images below the map to illustrate how this woodland could look in the future, including wide rides, tapering woodland edges (some with blossoming and fruiting trees), and full forest.

We really hope you’ll be involved in helping to create this new Community Woodland in one way or another.

If you want to get in touch then please contact Mark Shipperlee from Living Woods North East CIC.

Email: mark@livingwoodsnortheast.org.uk